Jane’s Walk is coming to Bird Rock!

Bright murals enliven BR’s retail streets

Join us on May 7 at 10 am for La Jolla (and San Diego’s) first Jane’s Walk. Jane’s Walk is a free, global celebration of vibrant city/suburban life. We will walk through Bird Rock, one of La Jolla’s most charming communities.

Critical to great communities is people actually walking around the neighborhood. Jane Jacobs (after whom Jane’s Walk is named) was one of the first urbanists to promote the idea of “eyes on the street” as a way to keep communities safe and vibrant. When people are wandering out and about, crime is discouraged and informal meetings are encouraged. Local merchants also benefit from “feet on the street” because active street life fosters shopping local.

Our Jane’s Walk will start at La Jolla Hermosa Park (corner of Chelsea & Camino de la Costa) and wander through the retail district, ending with a beautiful beach overlook at Calumet Park. Jane’s Walk is free. There’s no advance registration. Just show up for an hour of exploration, conversation and fresh air!

If you have any specific questions, please contact me at mimi@artsntek.com. This is my first Jane’s Walk and I hope that this event becomes an annual part of La Jolla traditions.

See you on the street!



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