Cities have been central to civilization from the times of ancient Alexandria and Athens to today’s “x  is the new Brooklyn” Today, walkable cities are cauldrons of innovation and diversity, where the young, old and everyone in between are redefining the good life. Downtowns are the new cool, suburbs are old school.  Put in a hipster coffee bar in a metro neighborhood and the community will quickly gather and germinate.

Over the past few years, I’ve been studying, researching and experimenting with how you create community  while I was working at a local community center. What I’ve discovered is how modern metros have really become the incubators for creating community and connection. I chose “Nurbana” because it speaks of the quest for nirvana, for peace and centeredness. I believe that something close to that happens when people congregate in new urban centers.

Biking & transit,  entrepreneurs & artists, lofts & apartments,  pocket parks & green living are the hallmarks of vibrant urban life.  Strap on your helmet and let’s explore new urban life together. I welcome your ideas and engagement.



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