Jane’s Walk|La Jolla|May 7, 2022

After two years of Covid improvisation, Jane’s Walk is taking to the streets again. In force.

This global phenomenon, named for urbanist Jane Jacobs, is a celebration of neighborhoods. And more specifically, a celebration of walking community streets with your neighbors to strengthen neighborhood bonds.

For the first time, San Diego is participating with the first walks being offered in La Jolla. As a resident of this community for three years, I offered to host our first walks. And I invite you to join me.

Jane’s Walks are free. No registration needed. Just show up at the starting line at 10 am (location TBD soon) and walk with your friends and neighbors for about an hour. The conversation is open but we also hope to open your eyes to all the little things you love–or don’t– about your local streets. Conversation is the start of action.

For more information about our upcoming walk or to start a Jane’s Walk of your own, please go to Janeswalk.org or leave a comment below. See you on the street!

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